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Toward Circumplex Model of Narcissism

Date: 1.02.2018 - ongoing

Introduction: This project is financed by National Science Centre, Poland (grant no: 2017/26/E/HS6/00282). The research aim of the project is to establish a new comprehensive model of narcissism, i.e., the Circumplex Model of Narcissism (CMN), based on the distinction between grandiose and vulnerable narcissism and agentic-communal model of (grandiose) narcissism.

Methods: Social Network Analysis, Self Report, Expierience Sampling


Communal narcissism could be broken down into narcissistic sanctity (self-promotion) and saviorism/heroism (self-protection).

Circumplex model of narcissism is comprised by eight octants, corresponding to already known NARC, VIEC, and communal narcissism models.

Narcissistic fusion and servility is a lacking element in the narcissistic personality circumplex.

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