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Narcissism(s) and self-esteem(s) in cross-cultural context

Date: 1 March 2016-01 December 2018

Introduction: This project was aimed to examine the strenght of relationships between communal-agentic narcissism (both individual-level and collective-level) and self-esteem (individual, relational and collective) in different cultures (individualistic vs collectivistic). Additionally nomological network of narcissism was examined (psychological entitlement, entitlement attitudes, personality traits, Dark Triad). In the project participated over 50 countries.

This project was supported by grant awarded by Polish National Science Centre

nr 2016/21/B/HS6/01069 to Magdalena Żemojtel-Piotrowska.

Instruments: Entitlement Attitudes, Communal Narcissism Inventory, NPI, Collective Narcissism Scale, Communal Collective Narcissism Inventory, Rosenberg SES, Collective SES; Relational SES, Dark Triad Dirty Dozen, Psychological Entitlement Scale, religious overclaiming


  1. Communal collective narcissism is present in all studied cultures, with metric levels of invariance for CCNI

  2. Communal collective narcissism and collective narcissism are distinguished within national samples but form one dimension on cultural level of analysis

  3. Dark Triad Dirty Dozen structure is the best depicted as bi-factor model, with general d-factor and specific factors corresponding to Narcissism, Machiavellianism and Psychopathy

List of collaborators & countries (click the attachment picture to download ): 


Self-enhancement in a cross-cultural perspective in 56 countries

Samples of university students from 56 countries,

N = 12,251 (34.8 % men), age M = 21.44 years (SD = 3.97).

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