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Magdalena Żemojtel-Piotrowska

Ph.D., full professor

Head of Cross-Cultural Psychology Centre



Full professor at Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw, Poland, Institute of Psychology, head of CSWU Cross-Cultural Psychology Centre, head of cross-cultural psychology unit. Interested in cross-cultural studies on entitlement, narcissism and subjective well-being. Leader of project in cross-cultural research: Psychological entitlement and values – conducted in 28 countries (2010-2012); Entitlement attitudes and subjective well-being (2014-2015) – 42 countries, Narcissism(s) and self-esteem(s) in the cross-cultural perspective (2016-2017) – 56 countries; Self-enhancement during the COVID-19 (2020) - 61 countries.

Research interest:

Cross-cultural psychology, social psychology, political psychology.


  • narcissism

  • perception of social world,

  • entitlement attitudes,

  • subjective well-being,

  •  materialism

  • cultural adaptation of methods

  • statistical analysis (SEM, MGCFA)

  • spirituality,

  •  values.




Toward Circumplex model of narcissism (2018-2022). 2017/26/E/HS6/00282  Sonata Bis 7. Grant awarded by Polish National Science Center. Amount: 1 726 000 PLN (412, 810 EUR)

Agency-communion model of collective narcissism. Antecedents, correlates and consequences (2017-2019). 2016/21/B/HS6/01069, Opus 11. Grant awarded by Polish National Science Center. Amount: 246 675 PLN (58, 997 EUR).





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